Operating under the name “Ormo Creative”, this department provides all necessary support covering every area of marketing. Using teamwork, a group of staff consisting of knitting designers, color and yarn designers, graphic designers, and versatile graphic designers works together. This group follows seasonal trends through top level channels and is engaged in activities that direct the customers in terms of color and quality variations. They perform all kinds of communication activities, including magazine, brochure, and website work, as well as work for brand recognition and development through fairs, various organizations targeted for meeting end consumers, and similar social work. Every year, Ormo Creative team works on the following projected visual works; our magazine aimed at adults, our baby-toddler magazine, banners and brochures for launching new products of season, our color catalog, website updates, and current shares in social media. These magazines and brochures are translated into English, French, Russian, Uzbek, Farsi, and any foreign language needed for the market. They are then brought to the printing stage. Besides these activities, collections are prepared through developing quality products to appeal to export customers, coloring these in a way that will match the fashion trends and market needs, developing and coloring products according to Nako’s qualities, and adding new quality touches.