The treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater of ORMO YÜN İPLİK SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş., is carried out in our wastewater treatment facility, which has been designed in accordance with the latest technology in 2013. Our wastewater treatment facility, with a capacity of 3000 m3/day, treats wastewater of print and synthetic and wool washing units and domestic wastewater with eco-friendly low power systems. Our wastewater treatment facility consists of physical and biological treatment units with high removal efficiency and a sludge dewatering unit. The biological wastewater unit has been installed with a "SBR-System". This way our facility not only economized on first investment costs, space and equipment but also on operating costs and power consumption and by achieving this the facility is discharging purified water which is well below the discharge limits. Thanks to the sludge dewatering unit, the water content in the sludge is significantly reduced and finally disposed according to the relevant regulations.