• 4/9/2018







    We herewith publicly announce that we have adopted following principles with respect to the processing, protection and transfer of the personal data belonging to all real persons who have a business relationship with us including but not limited to our company's personnel, personnel candidates as well as authorized persons, employees and shareholders of companies which have a business relation and collaboration with us pursuant to Personal Data Protection Code No 6698 and applicable legislation. 









    It is possible to process personal data by our Company, as the Data Controller, under the following principles as regulated by Article 4 of Personal Data Protection Code No 6698. 



    (a)    lawfulness and integrity

    (b)   accuracy and, when necessary, being up-to-date

    (c)   processing for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes

    (d)   relevancy, limited and measured with the purposes for which they are processed

    (e)   retention for the duration prescribed by the applicable legislation or the purpose for which they are processed








    All personal data, including private personal data, may be collected by our company, as the Data Controller, orally, in written or electronically, as and if necessary, through means including but not limited to company's units, group companies, website, social media accounts, mobile applications and e-mail communications by means of automatic or non-automatic methods under the Personal Data Protection Code.

    Personal data which has been processed so far or will be collected hereinafter must be processed for the purposes set forth below or by legislation or the like pursuant to Articles 5 and 6 of Personal Data Protection Code:


    (a)    due performance of obligations arising out of the legislation and agreements

    (b)   maintaining and developing the coordination, collaboration and efficiency intra-units or inter-units of our company



    (c)   improvement of products and services offered by us 


    (d)   communicating and providing the services and products offered by us

    (e)   advertisement and promotional activities

    (f)    analyzing the customer portfolio



    (g)    communicating about and inviting to events and meetings organized in our company 


    (h)   securing the website, other electronic systems and physical locations and sending electronic mail

    (ı)    if required by judicial authorities as part of an investigation, proceedings and prosecutions

    (i)    providing Data Owner with the information in response to his/her queries

    (j)    responding to complaints or feedbacks furnished by Data Owner

    (k)    procuring the need for employee, handling, developing and improving recruitment processes, evaluating the job applications for fitness, concluding them and communicating with job applicants under the human resources policies.








    Personal Data may be transferred to our group companies, our consultants, 3rd parties which provide us services, business partners, suppliers, officers, companies which process and store data of our company as well as legally authorized public agencies and private persons in line with the purposes and principles set forth above pursuant to Articles 8 and 9 of Personal Data Protection Code.








    Pursuant to Article 11 of Personal Data Protection Code, Data Owners have following rights;


    (a) have information if their personal data is processed or not,

    (b) if their personal data is processed, request relevant information,

    (c) have information about the purpose of processing of their personal data, whether they are used in line with intended purpose,

    (d) have information about third parties, foreign or local, to which their personal data is transferred,

    (e) if their personal data are processed in part or inaccurately, then submit a request to correct them as well as get information about operations in this respect and the third parties to which their personal data is transferred,

    (f) request to have their data, which are already processed, be deleted when the reasons which require such processing cease to exist and to inform third parties to which their personal data is transferred about the actions taken in this respect in accordance with the provisions of Personal Data Protection Code No 6698 and applicable legislation,

    (g) raise objections against occurrence of any results that are against their interests after their data processed are analyzed via exclusive automatic systems,

    (h) claim any damages be compensated if they suffer from damages as a result of illegal processing of their personal data.


    By virtue of the Article 13(1) of Personal Data Protection Code, you can submit your request for exercising your aforementioned rights to our Company in writing or by means of other methods to be determined by Personal Data Protection Board

    You may submit your request with respect to rights listed in Article 11 of Personal Data Protection Code in writing to our address at Kağıthane Ofispark, Merkez Mah, Bağlar Cad, No:14/B 34440 Kağıthane/Istanbul or electronically to accompanied with your identification documents. 

  • 7/17/2017

    Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association (ITHIB) granted our company a Platinum Award for its successful export performance in 2016. Ormo Yün İplik Sanayi is among the top 1,000 export trading companies.  
    The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), an umbrella organization for Turkish exporters, has since 2002 been making performance research on many important subjects such as exporter sectors, production and investment capacities, capital distributions, profitability, human resources, energy and capacity use, as well as the sector and country-based export operations of the top 500 and the second top 500 export companies. All these research studies carried out every year under the leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Economy help us produce a main source about our export operations. The top 1,000 companies among 61,000 TİM member companies account for about 60 percent of the total export operations.


  • 3/15/2017


    Ormo Woolen Yarn won an award in the category of “the company receiving the most job applications” within’s Respect for Human Awards.
    The award aims to reward the successful work performed in the field of human resources.The fact that our company responded to all 10,873 job applications on the same day and achieved a 100 percent success with 166 newly hired workers made us worthy of this award.

  • 1/22/2016

    The “Ormo-Nako Wools” themed photo contest began on social media and was opened to all staff members, drawing great attention. Held from December 7-21, the contest received photo entries each more beautiful than the last.

    Participants ranking in the top three won surprise gifts while unseeded participants were also awarded.

    We congratulate the top three photographs and their photographers.

    1. İbrahim Coşkun

    2. Fatma Küçükpehlivan

    3. Ayla Demirkesenler