ORMO Yün İplik San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Our main principle is to create human resource plans according to company objectives and strategy, and in parallel with these plans to hire people who are specialized on the areas we require, and who are experts on their subject, and after hiring to improve them continuously, and to maintain high levels of motivation in order to become a large ORMO family with people who have a strong sense of belonging, and who can display professional behavior with an amateur spirit. OUR VALUES 1-Reliability and Honesty

  • To keep the promises and to fulfill commitments
  • To have the responsibility to complete the tasks undertaken on time and completely
  • To treat equally just to everyone without taking into account personal differences, interests, or preferences
  • To display consistent behaviors with spoken words and thoughts
  • To demonstrate exemplary behaviors inside and outside the organization with business ethics and discipline
  • To place importance and respect to professional and personal privacy


  • To be self-confident on knowledge, skills and abilities
  • To be confident and relaxed in relationships with other people and in front of the crowds
  • To have the courage to communicate and defend his/her views and opinions
  • To be willing to take responsibility for the jobs undertaken, and decisions given, even if this is about subjects which others hesitate


  • To maintain high motivation with his/her positive approach and ambition to succeed even under tough circumstances
  • To be energetic, to reflect the positive energy around, to vitalize the environment, and to maintain a high esteem for working
  • To act according to the results without keeping a limited work area
  • To convert the decisions into actions quickly

4-Team Spirit and Collaboration

  • To be a loyal member of the organization, and to work with devotion to achieve common objectives
  • To provide support and help for the success of colleagues
  • To recognize achievements, and to share with team members
  • To contribute continuously to team members

OUR POLICIES Our principle of quality can be summarized into a single sentence as the following: “All our personnel consider himself/herself as the producer and consumer of his/her job”

In order to be ahead of customer expectations:

QUALITY FIRST. We must have a perfect product quality for satisfying the customer.

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE THE FOCUS OF OUR EFFORTS. We must make sure that our customers trust us and bind with us, by always performing at our jobs with empathy to our customers, and aiming to build a better product than our competitors.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT IS THE BASIS OF OUR SUCCESS. At every work we do we must target to be the best. In order to succeed in our quest to achieve the perfectness in the value, and the freshness of our products, in our human relations, in our competitive abilities, and in our profitability, constant improvement must become a daily life style.

TEAM WORK IS OUR LIFE STYLE. We are a big family who trust and respect each other. We place importance to create a work environment that is open, far from prejudice, and based on effective mutual communication which allows to understand and to support each other.

WE MUST NOT QUIT HONESTY. We are committed to continue to increase the respect that we receive by our non-stop contribution to the society by applying honest methods in every transaction of our company, identical to our behavior in the past.

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