Ormo produces handknitting yarns for a large number of overseas countries at its comprehensive and large production facilities. Seventy percent of its products are exported to up to 70 countries. It exports to several countries including the USA, Germany, the UK, France, Japan, China, Taiwan, Spain, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and Korea.

Ormo has been offering quality service to countries across the world for over 36 years. Its secret in this sense is the fact that it has established a balance between employees, customers, and employers, in addition to having a vision. 

It has a two-storey guesthouse where it welcomes its foreign and local guests who visit its factory according to the rules of Turkish hospitality. The guesthouse—consisting of five rooms, a restaurant and lounge—has all the amenities to make guests feel at home, including WiFi and TV facilities.

Ormo’s guesthouse is also used for mini motivational breaks by the factory staff during busy work times and for various kinds of activities.