Nako İplik Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established  in 1962. It is a leading company in hand knitting yarn sector. 

Nako is produced in ORMO plants which own the world’s state of art production systems and which has the largest capacity among the similar companies under the same roof in hand knitting yarn sector. Nako presents the market over 40 kinds of hand knitting yarn, appealing to all kind of taste and touch.  

ORMO YÜN İPLİK A.Ş. ( which has proved it reputability, innovation and creativeness in Turkey and the world market, is proud to become integrated with the trade mark NAKO in Turkey as a result of its success in following the global trends and its developed know-how experience in hand knitting yarn sector.  

Nako, with its product range constituted by stylish texture and colors, is the Turkish ladies’ favorite since many years.

Our consumers’ satisfaction of the below has enabled Nako to remain at the top of the list;  
•  Unchangeable top quality of Nako products,
•  Sustainability and richness of Nako colors  
•  Being able to use the knitted products of Nako for long years without any outwear and with the same softness and texture.

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BONBON is a Nako İplik Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.Ş brand.  Founded in 1962, Nako İplik Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.Ş. is the leading company in the hand knitting yarn sector.

Produced at ORMO plants uniting the world’s largest hand knitting yarn capacity and most developed production systems under the same roof, Nako and Bonbon offer over 50 types of hand knitting yarns to the market, appealing to every sense of taste and touch.

A brand that has proved its prestige with its creativeness and innovativeness in Turkish and world markets, ORMO YÜN İPLİK A.Ş. has the justified pride of bringing together its advanced hand knitting yarn expertise and its success in following up global trends with its NAKO and BONBON brands in Turkey.

With their range of products featuring textures and colors each more stylish than the last, Nako and Bonbon have been favorites with Turkish women for years.

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Added value with DRALON LOW PILL FIBER®

.       DRALON LOW PILL FIBER® enables hand knits that minimizes “peeling” of the knitted project,
·       Compared to other “anti-piil” or “low-pill” fibers, the projects knitted with DRALON LOW PILL FIBER®  achieve “more volume” and a “spongy feel” of the fabric.
·       The fabrics of the DRALON LOW PILL FIBER® are very soft, bright and has a silky surface which keeps the “fresh” appearance for many years.
·       Easy care: textiles made of DRALON LOW PILL FIBER® are machine-washable.
·       DRALON LOW PILL FIBER® is “exclusively” supplied to ORMO YUN IPLIK SAN VE TIC AS for hand knitting yarn production in Turkey.



o   AIRWOOL ™ knits are 50% lighter than the knits of the same thickness.
o   Due to the use of the “core yarn”, AIRWOOL ™ knits much more durable during washing and wear.
o   AIRWOOL  ™ are being specially manufactured for you by NAKO EL ORGU IPLIKLERI.



Added value with WOOLTOUCH® :

.         The main objective of the WOOLTOUCH® project is to create a 100% Acrylic Fiber, that gives similar “volume”, “softness” and “elasticity” of the 100% Merino Wool.
·         WOOLTOUCH yarns create excellent thermal insulation and breathability, that makes it very comfortable to wear next to the skin.
·         WOOLTOUCH® yarns are naturally soft and smooth which guarantee increased comfort.
·         WOOLTOUCH® yarns  allow great transportation of moisture therefore slows down the growth of bacteria in a natural way.
·         Easy care: textiles made of WOOTOUCH® are machine-washable
·         WOOTOUCH® is “exclusivly” developed, registered and trademarked by NAKO IPLIK PAZARLAMA VE TICARET AS